Field Collection

Intuitive interface makes data collection easy. Smart input forms ensure efficient and high quality data collection using GPS tracking or tracing on maps.

Data Management

Custom maps, forms, and workflows maximize data flow and securely share information between all team members.

Informed Decisions

With information seamlessly shared, project administrators and management can make solid business decisions with confidence.

All your forestry data at your fingertips

Timber cruising has never been easier! Loaded with industry-leading MBG Cruise software, MobileMap™ gives you command of your forest inventory program from planning to data delivery. With GIS functionality, efficient data collection, data validation, streamlined workflows, and improved information management, you can now collect quality inventory data utilizing low cost consumer mobile devices.

Custom Solutions for Road Mapping

MobileMap™ is an efficient and reliable application to map, assess, and evaluate roads, assets, and transportation inventory conditions. Crew training time is minimal with an intuitive interface and ability to customize data collection forms.

Easily manage all of your assets

Collecting data on utility and green energy projects has never been easier. We worked with our public utility clients to develop a tool-set specific to mapping and monitoring ownership and right-of-way boundaries, access roads and trails, invasive species, wildlife, tree hazards along transmission lines and utility corridors, and more. If you need an efficient mobile application for managing your utility asset data, MobileMap™ is the right choice.

Accurately collect detailed information

Covering diverse lands is where MobileMap™ excels. No internet? No landmarks? No problem. Over land, on water, or through wetlands, you can always safely collect data with MobileMap™. Our team of Professional Wetland Scientists and Biologist have completed hundreds of wetland delineations and applied their knowledge to an application that is tailored to wetland data collection and permit preparation.

Tech for the classroom and the field

Forestry students are entering a dynamic and technologically rich workplace environment. It is the responsibility of forestry educators to give these students practical skill sets in commonly used platforms they will experience after graduation. Forest inventory is one area that provides significant opportunity to expose students to technologies that have advanced beyond what is commonly taught in the classroom. MobileMap™ leverages modern data collection and management for forestry education curricula.


Customized data collection forms including auto-populated values and a flexible validation processes allow quick data entry while reducing the chance of errors. At the end of the field day, simply press upload, and your data are securely saved to the cloud where to be shared with your team. LEARN MORE


MobileMap provides access to high quality map data and all your relevant business information offline. Simultaneously supporting multiple base maps in a range of formats cover a large area or offer site-specific highresolution detail. LEARN MORE


With synchronized data via web services, managers can view collected data in near real-time to monitor data collectors and their productivity. Field staff hundreds of miles away are kept up-to-date, productive, and on track. LEARN MORE