Purchasing MobileMap

MobileMap is provided under a subscription software license model which includes volume discounts for enterprise customers.  For information on pricing, or to purchase MobileMap licenses, please visit https://woodlandsolutionsgroup.com/mobilemap or contact us at info@woodlandsg.com

Trial Version

Free trial thumbnail

If you would like to download a trial version of MobileMap for evaluation purposes, please click the 'FREE TRIAL' button to the left and create an account. Once your account is approved you will be able to download a trial version of MobileMap from the 'Downloads' page under the 'Resources' tab

If you already have an account please login (link in upper right) and proceed to the 'Downloads' page under the 'Resources' tab

The downloads page includes downloads for the latest version of MobileMap, sample data, and instructions for installation and use.

Need More Information?

If you want to learn more about MobileMap funtionality, please check out our Knowledge Base for the most up-to-date information: https://woodlandsg.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals